Honeybees getting their Tulsi Fix!

March 18, 2017

These honey bees are getting their Tulsi fix, are you? Tulsi or Holy Basil is the base of so many of our herbal blends, as Tulsi is probably the most balanced and versatile adaptogenic (literally giving love wherever you are most in need) herb on the planet.

Used to calm the respiratory; aid in digestion; relieve congestion; perform as an amazing antihistamine; and raise self-awareness (a key quality to healthy living); Tulsi is good for people of all ages from children into maturity.

Tulsi grows prolifically throughout our gardens, and these lovely garden honeybees are helping to cross-pollinate and create new varieties throughout the seasons. It is called the Holy Indian Basil, as it is honored in India for its healing abilities; it is highly esteemed in Ayurveda; and is used around the globe for its circulatory benefits.

Enjoy it in our loose leaf teas and powders, or use topically in our hydrosol or healing beauty balm.