The Kauai Farmacy Herbal Revolution

December 07, 2015

"Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity" (Hippocrates). This video captures the Kauai Farmacy team growing seeds, harvesting, planting, dehydrating, juicing and hand-crafting herbal teas, extracts and powders; all intended to rejuvenate the human spirit.

Always ask questions. Does your doctor actually know what is in the "medicine" prescribed or where it comes from? Have they used it themselves? Trust should not equal ignorance. To trust, one must know their farmer. Join the herbal revolution by sharing this video to others in favor of enriching their health and well-being. Join the Kauai Farmacy Affiliate program and spread the true and pure art of herbal healing. - It is easy and you will feel great helping others to feel their best. This is an opportunity to support organic and sustainable farming practices and original plant medicine. With loving Aloha, please visit to learn more.