2020 Kauai Farmacy Calendar

Experience the seasons with us as our garden transforms with time. This intentional one-year calendar is a story of our farm, a journey into our healing oasis and an encouraging reminder to be present, no matter what day it is or where on the planet you are. 

From seeds to sprouts to shoots to roots, our 2020 Kauai Farmacy Calendar reveals the organic process of nature’s cycles. Layered with insight and messages, each month highlights a special plant or approach to healing. We invite you to align with the featured moon cycles, solstices and equinoxes as integral rhythms of greater cycles. 

As a new cycle commences, this calendar provides a window into the potential of integrating lifestyle botanicals. Medicinal herbs offer us exactly what we need to navigate life gracefully: nourishment, support, clarity and mana (life force). Join us in embracing this new year with fresh energy! We look forward to co-creating with you. 

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