TEATOX Weight-Loss Package

This package includes:

2oz Puritea
1.5oz Endurance Powder
4oz Comfrey Salve

Designed to: 

  • Aid with weight-loss 
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Curb unhealthy acidic food cravings
  • Eliminate toxins and cleanse digestive tract
  • Increase circulation
  • Increase energy and stamina
  • Increase mobility
  • Balance hormones
  • Boost the immune system
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Nourish & protect the prostate
  • Balance blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cholesterol
  • Alkalize the body
  • Provide pain-relief
  • Aid in restorative sleep

Week one
: Start with one cup of Puritea per day for the first three days of the Teatox. Add copious amounts of Spring water into your daily hydration repertoire. Drink two cups of Puritea per day for the following four days. Be sure not to boil the tea; it is best to bring the water to temperature, remove the water from the heat source for a few moments, then pour over the herbs and steep.

Week two: If desired, drink three cups of Puritea per day. Continue to drink a sufficient amount of Spring water throughout the day and rest when needed. 

Week three: In the third week, continue to stay well-hydrated. Continue to drink three cups of Puritea per day; if desired add two teaspoons of loose leaf tea per cup instead of one; steep the herbs for an additional 5+ minutes, and stir occasionally for a stronger herbal infusion.

*If detoxification becomes too intense, please lower suggested serving amounts or take necessary break from Puritea, drink water & rest. Find your personal rhythm and balance with the herbal medicine. Above all else, listen to your body and trust your intuition. 

Week one
: There are no dietary restrictions, although fruits & vegetables are highly recommended. Add a pinch of Endurance to the first and second meal or drink of the day. (Smoothies and salad dressings are excellent ways to integrate Endurance). Be sure not to "cook" the Endurance Spice; instead, season your meal after the cooking process is complete.

Week two: Add 1-2 pinches of Endurance Superfood spice into every meal. This week, be sure to incorporate as much organic fruits and vegetables into your home-prepared recipes, and refrain from eating processed foods (if it looks like it was grown from the Earth, then all is a go!) When eating out, add 2 pinches of Endurance.

Week three: continue adding 1-2 pinches of Endurance Superfood spice into every meal. Try preparing at least one meal per day with all raw, organic fruits or veggies, even if it is just a simple snack of sliced pineapple or an avocado seasoned with Endurance.

Comfrey Salve: 
Week one
: Massage Comfrey Salve into feet once per day. Use liberally on body aches, on all joints, and inflamed areas regularly as needed. Best to apply after hot shower or bath when the pores are most open to receive. (Wear slippers or socks to avoid slipping after application).

Week two: Same as week one; integrate a simple massage into hips and buttocks.

Week three: Same as week two; apply to whole body at least twice this week. You deserve it!

*The TEATOX Weight-loss package is an excellent program to jump-start your herbal health regimen and help you tune in to your body's needs, nourish your organs, bring your body back into balance, while cleansing impurities that may be holding you back from reaching your optimal self. Remember; the ability to integrate Kauai-grown herbs into your lifestyle in a sustainable way, (over the long-haul), is where the big shifts happen.

Continue to introduce new Kauai Farmacy herbal Teas, Superfood culinary spices and healing Salves into your daily routine in the subsequent weeks...The diversity of the herbal product blends, the plants, and their respective vitamins and minerals will support you in achieving your goals toward longevity and wellness.

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