Ānuenue - “āh-noo-weh-noo-weh” Double Rainbow

December 29, 2015

Anuenue double rainbow in Hawaii

The meaning of the double rainbow

What a way to start the morning! In Hawaii, these full spectrum sightings are called Ānuenue - “āh-noo-weh-noo-weh”. With abundant sunlight and falling water here in Kauai, these beautiful arcs of bent light abound. I feel so invigorated with each sighting. Some believe, the double rainbow, with its colors reflected in reverse, is a sign of good luck to come. If you look closely, you can see the double bow faintly to the left of the beaming rainbow. This double rainbow blended right into the front pasture of the Kauai Farmacy Herbal Gardens where it colorfully kissed our newly planted Cacao trees. These rainbow-kissed Cacao will eventually make their way into our Green Energy powder and Love Potion tea, which is rich in antioxidants, high in iron, protein and all the amino acids essential for human life. This full rainbow also serves as a colorful canopy over the leaves and fruit of one of our more mature Guava trees: The fruit will make their way into our Guava Kai tea blend; that we make exclusively for the St. Regis in Princeville. The Guava leaves serve as an all-around digestive aid that have been used in tribal jungle culture, and are packed with Vitamin C. These leaves will make their way into our Puritea Cleanse powder, a gentle way to bring all the body's systems back into balance.

how rainbow colors relate to the body

Colors and metals are extracted from medicinal plants to support the body's organs. Every color in the rainbow has its own healing attribute for the human body and spirit alike. For example, red (this can be in the form of light, liquid, food, matter, etc.) can aid in the strengthening of the heart and small intestines. Red also promotes one's vitality and energy. Violet conjures up tranquil feelings and directly impacts the "higher mind" tending to the nervous system and providing calm and peace. We blend lavender with other calming herbs in our Tranquility tea, and our Women's Wellness tea.

the rainbow relates to our body chakras

There are seven chakras like the seven colors of the rainbow, each resonating with different zones of the body. By viewing and feeling the frequency of all the colors of the rainbow at once, you are energizing all of the chakras in balance with the environment; and in turn, igniting your Kundalini energy, an awakening or electric current flowing up your spine from your root chakra to your crown chakra. Your spiritual, physical and mental energies are in balance when this happens, enabling optimal organ function and wellness. Beauty, reflection, refraction, illusion and medicine. Spread the good luck and good vibrations by sharing this double Ānuenue. Sending you all much aloha from 'somewhere over the rainbow'. Our herbal teas and powders can be ordered and shipped from our land to yours. Please shop online and subscribe to our newsletter. You can also subscribe to our youtube channel kauaifarmacytea to see what we are up to here at the farm and learn more about the healing benefits of herbs. We love sharing information on ways to regain human holistic balance.