Tour the Kauai Farmacy Gardens


Plant Medicine ~ Health & Wellness ~ Sustainability


For an in-depth experience in the gardens and tea house, we offer tours on Tuesdays from 10-11:30am. Reservations required, book online with the calendar below.
A full immersion into Kauai Farmacy’s plant medicine oasis will leave you with a transformed perception of health, food, and sustainability. Our 80+ different medicinal species include the world renowned Cacao, Cardamom, Sugar Cane, Vanilla, Black Pepper, Noni, Hibiscus, Tree Spinach, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Passionflower, tropical fruits, and more. Seeing, tasting, and learning about these household, yet exotic plants is a once in a lifetime experience.
We will begin our journey on our Tea Lanai with our authentic back-story and altruistic mission of Kauai Farmacy. We sample our farm-grown herbal teas, luxury spa products, culinary spices, delectable honeys, aromatic hydrosols, and more. Next, we walk and talk through our botanical gardens, which are on the leading edge of regenerative organic farming practices. We will visit our tea house, where our herbalists alchemize the fresh plants into natural medicines. The immersive experience will positively expand your perspective of what is possible with regards to healing, land stewardship, and purpose-driven missions.






Please call 808-828-6525 for private tours