Mahalo to XPT Retreat for Visiting Kauai Farmacy

March 25, 2016

XPT Experience

Mahalo Gabrielle Reece, Laird Hamilton, Brian Mackenzie, Wim Hof and the entire XPT Experience Retreat for visiting Kauai Farmacy. After a three-day experience training with these elite high-performance leaders, Gabby, Laird, Brian and Wim took the entire retreat to rejuvenate on a brief visit to the Kauai Farmacy gardens; Here, they were treated to a bounty of performance enhancing Kauai-grown organic herbal supplements that work to re-calibrate and bring into balance all the body’s systems. A marriage of like-minded pursuits to optimal health and well-being: Great company; fresh garden brew; cold-pressed turmeric, gotu kola, & yacon juice; turmeric-lemonade; loose leaf herbal teas; herbal performance powders; culinary supplements, and good vibrations. A pleasure and honor to have you all here – Many Mahalos!