Passion Flower Revealed

July 15, 2018

Passion Flower Revealed

Passionflower is one of the most exquisite and valued medicinal herbs for alleviating anxiety, insomnia and nervous disorders. The true medicine of this alluring plant, however, is in its very nature... Staring into the center of a Passionflower is, in itself, a healing experience. Voluptuous pale purple petals give way to a corona of indigo dancing filaments, spiraling around the golden, pollen-covered anthers. So stunning a sight brings one perfectly into presence. For, there is nothing more captivating than this rare beauty that bestows an ambrosial aroma into the air. Bringing one into a state of presence is a key element of Passionflower’s medicinal power. When completely present, stress abides and tension melts away. There is nothing to fear, nothing to doubt, nothing to cause worry. The mind settles. The nerves calm. The heart surrenders to a slow and steady beat. Only the rhythm of our breath and connection to our current surroundings exists.
Ancient Peruvians and Aztecs knew of the beneficial capabilities of Passionflower. As did the early Native American tribes of the Cherokee and Algonquian. These indigenous and advanced societies were keen on Passionflower for it’s calming, cooling, soothing and relaxing effects. It was not until the late eighteenth century that Western medicine widely adopted Passionflower. To this day, Passionflower is a highly revered herbal remedy used worldwide for the following conditions:
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Sleeplessness
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Over-excited mind
  • Muscle spasms
  • Epilepsy
  • Nerve pain
  • Depression
  • Migraines
  • Menstrual pain
  • Hot flashes
  • Hypertension

When Passionflower was introduced to Hawaii, in the 1880’s, it did not take long to become a staple food source and herbal remedy within the native culture. Passionflower’s serenity fit perfectly into Hawaii’s relaxed lifestyle and ambiance of Aloha. The locals called it Lilikoi, named after the valley on Maui where its roots first embraced the rich volcanic soil. And, it is not far from here, on the island of Kauai, where some of the world’s most profound Passionflower plants are grown today.


Tucked along the fringes of untamable jungle, an herbal sanctuary thrives upon the activated elements of Kauai. Here, over 70 varieties of medicinal herbs are planted, tended to, harvested and processed with reverent intention. The organic practices of permaculture and patience are implemented on all levels, ensuring quality and potency of product akin to picking the plant yourself. Here, at Kauai Farmacy the healing nature and essence of Passionflower is delicately transformed from plant to product. Small batches ensure quality. Slow curing within a solar dehydrator ensures retention of active constituents. Dedication to harmony ensures authenticity. The result is whole-plant, high-frequency, sustainable and assimilable medicine made for lifestyle enhancement. Visiting Kauai Farmacy on a full moon will usually ensure a divine meeting with Passionflower. It is during this amplified time of the lunar cycle that Passionflower blooms. Beaming with full commitment, the spiraling pattern of the flower and vine upon which it grows is utterly apparent. And here, you can see for yourself in the very nature of its growth, why Passionflower is known to “quell cyclic thinking”. For, within the appearance of the plant there are clues to its medicine. This concept is known as The Doctrine of Signatures. All plants communicate their properties in some way, whether by sight, smell, touch or taste. In the case of Passionflower, you can distinctly see the cyclic nature of the plant, both in the circular flower and spiraling tendrils of the vine. This hints to its effect on the mind, calming over-excitement or anxious thought and quelling unnecessary mental meanderings.

Modern science has come to prove this specific doctrine of signatures. Passionflower contains a specific combination of active flavonoids and alkaloids. The synergetic activity of these constituents in our bodies affects the cerebral, nervous and endocrine systems. One of the most pronounced chemical interactions results in a GABA (gamma amino-butyric acid) increase in our brains. GABA is a known neurotransmitter that calms nervous mental over-activity and is also associated with cognitive clarity, controlled breathing, relaxation and uplifting the mood. Passionflower’s anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) action is complimented by its sedative quality, which is unique in that it may be taken during the day without drowsiness, yet still effective for attaining a peaceful night’s rest. Passionflower is also benevolently safe for children and the elderly. The nervine action of Passionflower is also profound, as it is used in the ancient Ayurvedic healing tradition to cool and soothe conditions of tension and nervous exhaustion.
So, through a complex orchestration of chemical interactions and qualities, Passionflowerinduces a more peaceful state of mind. This state of peace, or presence, leads to alleviated anxiety, decreased stress, relaxed nerves and a more successful night’s sleep. Indeed, there are active constituents and biological exchanges that work directly on physical systems. However, as the true nature of Passionflower is revealed by its presence, the depth of its healing potential is equally profound. If you have the chance, see for yourself. Observe your mind as you stare into the surreal flower. Observe your breath as you inhale the intoxicating aroma. And observe your nerves as you hold the smooth, cool leaves.
If you are not able to meet Passionflower face-to-face, you can experience its effects through medicine from a trustworthy source. If the plant has been honored and the process of medicine-making has been whole-heartedly respected, the resulting tea or tincture(extract) shall imbue the transparent nature of any plant. As for Passionflower, you shall feel yourself take a naturally deep breath, your mind clear and your body relax. You shall experience your focus shifting to the beauty before you and perhaps you shall even inhale the sweet scent of Passionflower blooming from far away. Whether you approach Passionflower for anxiety, insomnia, a nervous disorder or just because your intuition is sparked, the potential contained within this whole-plant medicine will inspire a naturally profound healing. 
How to take Passionflower... For acute symptoms: The tincture (extract) may be taken as needed for anxiety, spasms or hot flashes. Tincture or tea may also be taken before bed to aid in a peaceful night’s rest. As a tonic: Tincture or tea may be taken daily for the prevention of anxiety, stress, nervous disorders, excess heat in the body or to inspire a calm and clear state of mind.

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