Using Comfrey Root to Heal Bones

November 16, 2015

Using Comfrey Root to Heal Bones

About two years ago, while climbing our mango tree, my son fell twenty feet & broke his wrist. Actually, his hand was hanging off his wrist ; (Within moments, we covered his arm with Comfrey Root (aka the Knit-Bone plant). He went from agony to calm in moments. We witnessed in real-time the improved circulation, as his hand and fingers gained movement. He kept the comfrey cast on overnight. He was back to climbing trees within the week. Pretty remarkable. This experience, as well as healing Doug's broken nose, my youngest daughter's hematoma, a client's broken toe (see the testimonial BROKEN TOE HEALED!), and countless other healing miracles, has reinforced our belief in the power of this potent Comfrey root powder.

Comfrey root paste applied to a broken arm

In this video, Doug, owner of Kauai Farmacy introduces the Comfrey plant from leaf to root to medicinal herbal powder in this highly informative 3-part video. Part I teaches how this magical herb works. Don't miss out on part II of the video, which demonstrates step-by-step, how to properly apply Kauai Farmacy's potent and versatile herbal Comfrey Root Cast,; and part III on one woman's experience and her results from using the Comfrey Cast, which is now commercially available to the public here at Kauai Farmacy.

Scientific studies on the effectiveness of Comfrey

Comfrey: A Clinical Overview a recent study on the use of Comfrey shows topical application of Comfrey Root to be safe and effective. Below is an exert from the published paper.
Comfrey has a centuries-old tradition as a medicinal plant. Today, multiple randomized controlled trials have demonstrated the efficacy and safety of Comfrey preparations for the topical treatment of pain, inflammation and swelling of muscles and joints in degenerative arthritis, acute myalgia in the back, sprains, contusions and strains after sports injuries and accidents, also in children aged 3 or 4 and over.

Heal Broken Bones with Comfrey Root - Part 1

Comfrey, otherwise known as Knit-Bone, is a miracle plant; and as its nickname suggests, is an herb esteemed for its ability to repair tissues & mend broken bones faster than any other plant. Doug, owner of Kauai Farmacy introduces the Comfrey plant from leaf to root to medicinal herbal powder in this highly informative 2-part video. Part I teaches how this magical herb works. 



Heal broken bones with comfrey root - Part 2

Learn how to apply Kauai Farmacy's potent bone-mending Comfrey Cast powder; to cast those chronic, acute and even nagging old injuries. Genna, owner of Kauai Farmacy walks us through a step by step process that is easy to apply. Note, this video is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any diseases. It IS intended to inform how to self-heal with a balanced lifestyle of hydration, healthy diet and adequate rest. This raw plant medicine is one-of-a-kind and morganically-grown by loving farmers on the Garden island of Kauai in Hawai'i.


Applying Comfrey Root powder to an injury

To use: Take enough for the desired application-type and to cover the affected area; Reconstitute with water (the amount of water you use will depend on the injury type and size); Apply the Comfrey paste immediately after adding water (this is a must for it to adhere properly); Let the cast air dry to cure; Cast will range from a thin fruit-leather consistency to a harder coating depending on thickness; Leave on for as long as possible. To remove: some will crackle dry off; for remainder use luke warm water and rub to loosen.