Noni Leaf Hydrosol

The healing essence and profound phytochemicals of Noni, The Polynesian Panacea, are suspended within this intentionally distilled solution. Revive yourself with an alchemical spritz of Noni Hydrosol.

Noni Leaf Hydrosol is an herbal spray that fortifies the skin, soothes irritations, reduces inflammation and expedites the healing process of wounds. It is specifically indicated for symptoms of redness, swelling, stagnancy, itchiness and/or toxicity. 

A deeply nourishing plant, Noni contains rare compounds that promote cell structure health, invigorate circulation and increase the production of white blood cells. As a hydrosol, these concentrated compounds encourage detoxification and fortification. Immediate use relieves acute discomfort; consistent use helps bring the body back into balance.

Hydrosols or 'spirit waters' are made by steam distilling fresh, fragrant plant matter. The plant's essential oils and cellular water are extracted and then alchemically condensed into liquid form.

The light, portable form of a hydrosol makes it the perfect companion for your lifestyle. With this hydrosol you can quickly release the spirit of Noni Leaf anywhere, anytime.

Learn more about our Noni Hydrosol here! 


  • Fortifies skin health
  • Protects against excessive sun exposure
  • Soothes rashes and ulcers
  • Treats eczema and acne 
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Treats arthritis and gout
  • Balances candida and yeast overgrowth 
  • Invigorates the blood
  • Expedites healing of injury
  • Fights fungal and bacterial infections
  • Decreases cysts and tumors


  • Analgesic 
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-tumor
  • Detoxifying
  • Nutritive
  • Vulnerary

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Sheri Lyn Amimoto
    I love the sun!

    I love the sun but sometimes it beats down on us a little too much. When that happens, a little Noni Leaf Hydrosol spritzed all over is amazing!

    This stuff is Amazing!!

    I like to shave my under arm hair with clippers. I wind up getting some irritation under one of my arms. My family is from the south and they put alcohol on everything. The first time it went away. About a month later, the irritation came back but two times worse than the first time, and I couldn't think of what to do. I put alcohol on the second time but it wouldn't go away. I was miserable because nothing could relieve thie irritation under my arm. A week past and I remembered I have the noni hydrasol. I sprayed that under my arm, and after the first day I could see the irritation clearing up. By the third day of me spraying my under with the noni hydrasol, the irritation was completely gone and it has not come back. This stuff is amazing and I'm ordering 2 more today.

    So happy to hear the Noni Leaf Hydrosol helped you! Noni is so wonderful!

    Phyllis Kingsbury
    I'm hot - give me a spray of Noni Leaf Hydrosol please

    Living in South Florida where the daytime temperatures reach the mid-90s, and the humidity just walking out to get your newspaper leaves one's face slimy, I love the Noni Leaf hydrosol for cooling off. This summer was especially brutal as I also struggled to get my hormones in check, and I relied on this product heavily. It is so refreshing and light. While the website does not specifically recommend it for your face, because of the heat and humidity, I would spray it directly on my face and neck (covering my eyes) before adding a touch of moisturizer. Love this product. I'm anxious to try other hydrosol formulas in the future.

    Aloha Phyllis, We love hearing all the inventive ways our customers experience our herbs! How wonderful that the Noni Leaf is providing you so much relief for you from the Floridian heat! Be sure to check out our Women's Wellness Tea to help realign imbalanced hormones. This too can bring extraordinary comfort your way. Keep us posted on your future hydrosol experiences - We'd love to hear more from your! Your candid feedback is so enriching and inspiring. Mahalo (Thank you) for taking the time to 'beat the heat' and share your story with us and others!

    Angie M.
    Noni is no joke!

    I am a current customer of yours and have been so pleased with all of your products! Not long ago, my son mangled up his hand in a bicycle accident. I rinsed his wounds with water, and applied a little hydrogen peroxide just once. I then remembered I had just received an order from you the week prior. I checked your website to see if anything I ordered could help my son’s hand and sure enough it was just what the doctor ordered! I rinsed his hand once more, allowed it to dry, and then applied your Noni leaf hydrosol (I waited a few minutes for this to do its magic) and then followed up with your Healing Beauty Balm (Did I mention that my husband was quite skeptical as I was doing this?!) Out of the gate he was ready to grab the Neosporin, and I said “Wait! I’ve got just the thing!”) After applying both on a daily basis, I cannot believe how well the wounds healed after only a week’s time! When I say it was mangled, the skin was really torn apart on three of his fingers, but not seriously enough to take him to the emergency room thank goodness. I am beyond grateful!
    Your natural medicines work wonders and I am more a believer now than ever!

    Healing hydrosol

    Several weeks after having stitches removed from my thumb after a kitchen accident, ¼ inch of my wound was still open and deep. I received my noni hydrosol and sprayed it on the wound several times a day. Within three days, the wound had healed shut. There was so visible sign of a scar remaining, even though doctors had told me that I would probably have a small scar for life. Noni is a miracle! Since then, I started using the spray on my face to combat occasional acne and on my body for occasional eczema, and it does wonders for that as well. On the first day of a recent vacation, I got a bit of sunburn on my shoulders, so I applied the noni every few hours and within 24 hours the skin was no longer pink and I was able to enjoy the outdoors for the rest of my trip - no pain or peeling skin. I won't be without this anymore - I use it for everything!