Comfrey Salve

Comfrey Salve is prepared in small batches to maintain the utmost quality, balance and potency. The Comfrey plant is renown by the ancients as "knit-bone" or the "warrior plant" because of its strong history of helping to rejuvenate bones, muscles, and ligaments. The Comfrey Salve is also excellent for therapeutic massage; and can also be applied topically for daily body maintenance and performance.

It's silky-smooth texture naturally absorbs into the skin (or the "third lung" as it is referred to in Chinese medicine). By supporting the body's natural defense system, areas of inflammation and discomfort may ease, the breath may calm, and the body may achieve greater balance and performance.

Apply the salve liberally to wounds, bruises, sprains, breaks, scrapes and other areas of injury, or to the body's entirety for optimal performance. Comfrey is known for its compound allantoin, a cell regenerator. This constituent helps expedite healing time. Be mindful not to apply Comfrey salve to infected areas to prevent rapid cellular growth from sealing the injured area too quickly.

Applying to one's feet is an excellent way to penetrate the meridians that service the body's organs and give much deserved love to our often neglected feet that carry us throughout our day.

Comfrey Salve should be stored in a cool place to maintain its viscosity.

External use only. Do not apply to open wounds.



  • Massage
  • Restoration
  • Moisturizing
  • Maintainance
  • Cuts, Scrapes, wounds
  • Rapid cellular growth
  • Detoxification
  • Immunity protection
  • Cell enrichment
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Microbial, bacterial and oxidative stress inhibitor


  • Allantoin - for cell regeneration
  • Vitamin and Mineral-rich: Vitamin B12, B1, B2, C, E, A and pantothenic acid, calcium, iron, manganese and phosphorus.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Love all their products!


    Not impressed, does nothing for my hand pain.

    Shanti Forte
    Helped heal a minimally dispaced bone break near shoulder

    I'm so grateful that my Reiki person had some on hand to begin using before I could purchase I used this salve every day. I am 81 and within 6 weeks the bone is healed. Now I begin articulation/range of movement with physical therapy. Also within one weeks the black bruising kept lightening until completely gone. I am grateful. It works, With my age I am going to use the comfrey products on my hips and other bones. Thank you....!!!! It's a beautiful gift of mending.


    Works great after hard work outs!

    Momma Says it Works

    My mom's knees are "bone on bone" and she deals with so much pain. I got this for her to try and she says it helps with the pain and she doesn't want to be without it. We also used it on her shoulder after reverse shoulder replacement surgery and she said it helped with that pain as well. I used it after a suitcase fell out of the overhead compartment on a plane and hit my arm. While I still had pain, I had very little bruising (and I'm a bruiser!)