Chaste Berry Tincture

Vitex agnus-castus

Chaste (Vitex agnus-castus), is an herb credited for balancing hormones ingeniously — reading the individual body’s hormonal scape via the hypothalamus and acting accordingly to bring balance. This small batch of CHASTE BERRY Tincture is artisanally crafted by extracting the medicinal compounds of the fertile berries after the plant has flowered and been pollenated. Our extraction process lasts six weeks, creating a potent tincture that imparts the plant's most concentrated medicinal intention. 

As our Chaste plants begin their hibernation phase for the winter, they offer insight into the importance of honoring our own cycles. Whether daily, monthly or lifelong cycles are concerned, Chaste aids in the acceptance of and alignment with the relationship between our inner selves and outer world. This summer, at the height of their fruiting season, we intentionally captured the essence of this medicine in a pure, simple and potent form. Our CHASTE BERRY Tincture provides you with the perfect tool to not only tune into your cycles, it facilitates a tangible experience of balance therein. Ideal for all women of all ages and stages of life, CHASTE BERRY Tincture gracefully supports transitions, encourages harmony and inspires a balanced state of well-being. 

Small Seasonal Batch - Final berry harvest of the season.

This film focuses on Chaste (Vitex Agnus-Castus), a renowned herb in Ayurvedic Medicine widely credited for balancing hormones. It is an herbal ally for reproductive system imbalances, PMS discomforts, menopausal transitions, and facilitating a connection to your most intimate cycles.

Dose:  10-15 drops, as needed.


  • Regulates hormone imbalances in women.
  • Increases progesterone in estrogen-dominant women.
  • Addresses menstrual disorders, PMS, anxiety and depression, and menopausal symptoms such as breast tenderness, headaches, bloating, fatigue, hot flashes, and mood swings.
  • Promotes fertility.
  • Regulates milk production in lactating women.
  • Helps clear acne.
  • Relieves vaginal dryness.
  • Supports the reproductive and endocrine system.
  • Restores reproductive chi (energy).
  • Helps curb cravings.
  • Increases libido.

Tinctures are...

Tinctures are extractions of a single herb that provide a potent and convenient medium for consuming herbal medicine. Our tinctures are made with 100% organic, gluten-free cane sugar alcohol filtered by volcanic rock from the big island of Hawaii. 

Ideal for on-the-go and travel scenarios, tinctures require no preparation for consumption. Simply drop the liquid on your tongue, under your tongue or in a glass of water. They can also be used topically to treat affected areas or to be absorbed via our largest organ, the skin.

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