For allergies/asthma/hay fever, Tulsi is a must! Tulsi is an incredible antihistamine and respiratory herb. 
+ Tulsi Tea, Tulsi Mint Tea (or any tea with Tulsi in it) daily for prevention.
+ Mist Tulsi Hydrosol on face and inhale (like an inhaler) when acute symptoms arise.
+ Take 1 dropper-full of Tulsi Tincture as prevention OR immediately when acute symptoms arise.
+ Apply Healing Beauty Balm externally to skin where itchiness and discomfort are expressed. 










For IBS, my go-to is Wellness Tea. This herbal blend has the highest percentage of Noni Leaf, which is impeccable when it comes to healing the gut. Puritea would also be helpful and you can alternate between the two. In addition, Tranquilitea may be very calming and soothing for when your daughter is experiencing acute symptoms of discomfort. 
-Alternate between Wellness and Puritea for healing, maintenance and prevention. Drink daily. 
-Tranquility for acute discomfort 

Endocrine System (hormones)

As far as chronic fatigue is concerned, there are many approaches to re-establishing balanced energy. The Endurance Powder is definitely a product that may be of assistance. By offering deep nourishment and adrenal support, the Endurance Powder is one of my favorites! I personally love using it matcha-style (shaken with coconut or other nut milk and a little honey, then enjoyed as a warm, creamy beverage). You can do the same thing with our Cacao Olena (golden-milk-style). Here are some other options for addressing chronic fatigue:
-Herbal Tea: replenish your essential nutrient base with Love Potion or Vitalitea. 
-Ashwagandha Tincture: our most potent and direct source of adrenal support (will be back in stock December 20th!). 
-Tulsi Hydrosol: Yes! This is another one of my favorites... use it throughout the day to reset, relax and as a reminder to move through life from a centered place. 
-Tranquility and Lilikoi Tincture to ensure a peaceful night's rest and to nourish the nervous system (which plays an integral role in energy levels, mental clarity and overall balance). 
-Culinary Spices: if you like to cook, weave some herbal medicine into your cuisine with Curry Powder or Savory Blend. 

Heart Health





Nervous System (sleep, anxiety, nervousness, etc.)
1) Comfrey Salve- when applied liberally and routinely, this topical treatment greatly enhances nerve repair, breaks up tension and delivers essential nutrients to sub-surface traumatized areas. 
2) Tranquilitea- when consumed daily, this tea is a wonderful ally for nourishing the nervous system and taking the edge off of uncomfortable pain or sensations. This is a great night-time tea, but can be drank throughout the day to promote peace and anxiety. 
3) Lilikoi Tincture- my go-to for nerve pain! take acutely (as-needed) for pain or tonically (once or twice a day) to reduce overall pain. 
Osteoporosis (bone health)

Pet Care 

The Hydrosols are wonderful mediums for pet care (wounds, fleas, infections, etc.). I give my dog a pinch of Moringa Powder and Turmeric Powder on top of his meals everyday. And the Lilikoi Tincture has been very effective at calming down and soothing the pain of our farm cat, Mr. Bigs! Genna, one of the owners, once dropped a few tincture drops on his paw and let him lick it off. He was injured at the time and this helped calm his nerves enough to treat his wound and also relieved some of his pain. 





Reproductive System

Ashwagandha Tincture
Chaste Berry Tincture 
Love Potion Tea

Weight Loss