Cacao Beans

1.5 oz whole cacao beans

Small batch exclusive offering

We like to eat these magical Cacao beans in its most simple form; as is. 1-3 beans is a nice serving. They are quite energizing and will lift your spirits for sure, so best to eat in the earlier parts of the day and not too near bedtime.

If you feel inspired, you can add them to smoothies (high-speed Vitamix), blend into energy-balls with nuts/seeds and honey (using a Cuisinart), use as an edible garnish on healthy desserts, or create your own Cacao bean recipe and share it with us! On occasion we make rich, earthy, dark chocolate fudge with it - this is a more involved process, and needs refrigeration upon completion.

The raw-cured beans are the primary preparation stage for making chocolate as most people know chocolate. Enjoy the sweet, tangy and bitter sensory experience they have to offer in their most purest, potent, cured form.


*Magnesium and Iron-rich

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