Comfrey Cast

Comfrey has been used for thousands of years as a healing herb both for internal and external wounds. It's also known as knit-bone, alluding to it's topical use to speed up the healing of broken bones and other injuries. Applied topically and regularly to injuries, comfrey can drastically reduce pain, inflammation and facilitate the speedy healing of sprains and broken bones by rejuvenating and facilitating new cell growth.

Our Comfrey Cast is made entirely of Comfrey root. The root contains a higher concentration of the healing compounds than the leaves. The root is harvested, dried in our solar dehydrator, and then ground into a powder. The low temperature and slow dehydration helps to retain the plant's live enzymes.

To use: Take enough for the desired application-type and to cover the affected area; Reconstitute with water (the amount of water you use will depend on the injury type and size); Apply the Comfrey paste immediately after adding water (this is a must for it to adhere properly); Let the cast air dry to cure; Cast will range from a thin fruit-leather consistency to a harder coating depending on thickness; Leave on for as long as possible. To remove: some will crackle dry off; for remainder use luke warm water and rub to loosen. 

This is NOT an edible blend. Do NOT make tea or otherwise ingest comfrey. Comfrey Cast is ONLY for topical application to treat swelling, inflammation, sprains, pain, discomfort, fractured and broken bones.


Comfrey Root


  • Wound healing

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Cell regeneration

  • Pain killer

  • Supports rapid healing

  • Promotes Circulation

  • Calms the nervous system

  • Facilitates healing of broken bones

  • Aids in recovery from sprains

  • Useful at combating boils

  • Makes a great healing face mask or bath


  • Contains Allantoin

  • Anti-fungal

  • Anti-bacterial


See our blog post about Comfrey.

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Customer Reviews

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Shanti Forte
Alternated Comfrey Cast with Comfrey Salve

At 81, I was in a tricky position with a break to my dominant arm. I used Comfrey Cast and alternated the Comfrey Salve and also the Comfrey massage oil. I actually 'felt' the healing through a soothing feeling. I just got a report back today that the bone is 'healed' and now we being range of motion. Wow, thank you...


I had sprained my ankle and for 2 days I could not put pressure on my foot. It was painful if it wasn't elevated. When I remembered I had this I applied it overnight. The next morning I had NO pain! I could put pressure on it and walk on it!! I was still limping but I could do it and with little to no pain!. The cast is messy to put on but worth it

Aloha Julie, YES!!! Your gut steered you to the right ONE! The Comfrey root is so high-performance and fast-acting - the perfect choice for a painful ankle sprain. We are so grateful for your candid feedback. We know the power of this plant and are most indebted to its pain relief, bone restoration and expedited healing, however it is stories like yours that light us up and keep us innovating in the herbal plant medicine arena. And yes, the application can be a bit tricky, but like you said, definitely worth it! We have a number of tutorial videos on 'how-to-apply the Comfrey Cast' to make this experience a bit smoother for first-timers. Much gratitude for your inspiring share!

This is amazing!!

I have bunion on my big toe and whenever I walk too much or bend it too far, it hurts for days. I tried using the comfry balm, but didn't experience much benefit. Then, I decided to try the comfrey cast and couldn't believe how much it helped after 2-3 applications. I usually apply it in the evening while watching tv or reading and my toe feel so much better when I wake-up the next morning.