Stainless Tea Strainer

We love the simplicity of this tea infuser. It's micro-perforated surface allows excellent steeping and is easy to clean.
Just drop it into your favorite cup or pot, add tea, pour over with hot water and steep. Remove and set aside after brewing. Repeat for multiple brewing.


  • Stainless steel
  • No waste, no consumables, eco-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Micro perforated surface keeps small particles in
  • Brew in cup or in tea pot
  • Large basket provides plenty of room for tea to expand
  • Use just one tea spoon for one cup or several for a whole pot at once
  • Lift out and set aside to stop steeping
  • Replace and add hot water to steep again
  • Fits perfectly in most cups, mugs, glasses and tea pots

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
excellent tea strainer

I have a similar tea strainer that I love. The difference is that my original one has a lid that one can put on the tea strainer while it is steeping and then flipped over to become a place to set the strainer when tea is ready. Somehow I assumed this would be the same or I just thought the round love potion lid in the photo was the strainer lid. Oops I didn't pay close enough attention. The 4 stars are because it is lidless but I am sure it will work great anyhow.

Jennifer Porter
My Favorite Tea Strainer!

I am absolutely impressed with the quality of this strainer! It fits quite nicely atop my mugs. I love the teeny, tiny micro-perforations because they allow for full saturation of the tea, without any pieces of plants in my final tea. Lastly, the one-piece design is a cinch to clean! The perfect accompaniment to a gift of Kauai Farmacy tea!