March 10, 2020

Kauai Farmacy Amla


Amla, Amalaki, Indian Gooseberry, Phyllanthus emblica Amla is a deciduous tree, with feathery, fern-like leaves. Native to India, it is considered a sacred "sattvic" herb, known to stimulate spiritual purity. While the root, bark, leaves and fruit have been used traditionally in India, the medicinal constituents are most highly concentrated in the fruit, harvested once the tree reaches maturity after five years. Most well-known as being one of three ingredients in Triphala, a traditional Ayurvedic formula used to cure many ailments, Amla is renowned for containing high amounts of vitamin C (one Amla berry is equivalent to 20 oranges). With a full-spectrum of medicinal constituents and uses, Amla is very nourishing and is a beneficial tonic for enhancing everyday health and supporting longevity.


  • Improves digestion
  • Improves eyesight
  • Enriches hair growth, prevents balding
  • Aids calcium absorption
  • Reduces menstrual cramps
  • Controls diabetes
  • Eliminates free radicals
  • Good for heart health
  • Prevents infection


  • Antiaging
  • Antioxidant
  • Antibacterial
  • Astringent
  • Cardioprotective
  • High in chromium
  • High in calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamin C and vitamin B complex

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