As Sweet as it Gets, Cacao Ginger Turmeric Honey

February 02, 2018

As Sweet as it Gets, Cacao Ginger Turmeric Honey

As the life cycle of a plant would not be complete without the honeybee, the spectrum of herbal healing is incomplete without the inclusion of honey. Nutrient-rich, enzymatic, wound-healing, activating and aphrodisiacal, the golden nectar of honey is collected, concentrated and curated by 100% natural forces.

Beekeeper Manda McPhee examines a full rack of honey from the Kauai Farmacy hive. 

 A divine mutual relationship exists between plant and animal that fulfills purpose and allows the vibrant expression of beauty to unfold. Flowers lure in the honeybee with uncanny color and sweet ambrosial nectar. As if under a spell, honeybees are drawn to this nectar, flower by flower, and simultaneously a plant is pollinated. The plant is now able to produce a viable seed and continue its path of prosperity; the honeybee dances its way back to the hive and contributes the plant nectar towards collective abundance and wellness. This season, a profusion of flowers blossomed in our herbal gardens. Honeybees paraded around, collecting nectar and pollinating our plants, henceforth producing the largest amount of honey we have seen thus far. This generous gift of nature and the hard work of our honeybees has not gone unnoticed, as our gardens continue to thrive and our hives overflow with herbal honey.

Infused with the medicinal qualities of our herbal plants, the honey that pours forth from our hives is innately laden with bonus healing abilities. It is a golden elixir of concentrated herbal flower nectar. Thus, it is extra enlivening, extra soothing, extra antioxidant-rich, extra protective (antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal) and extra nourishing (contains all of the B-complex, A, C, D, E, and K, minerals and trace elements: magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, calcium, chlorine, potassium, iodine, sodium, copper, and manganese).
Kauai Farmacy Herbal Honey pouring
To top it off, we’ve infused our exceptionally robust Raw Cacao, lively Ginger and therapeutic Turmeric into this honey—a full two ounces of dried herbs go into each jar—creating an ambrosial concoction of nature’s most decadent works of art. Take a moment to indulge in our Cacao Ginger Turmeric Honey or illuminate someone’s day by giving this gift of gold. Cacao Ginger Turmeric Honey herbs Cacao Ginger Turmeric Honey can be used…
  • Daily as a delicious “spoonful of medicine” for optimal health :)
  • Internally: To boost energy, awaken metabolism, enhance immunity, soothe a sore throat, regulate the heart, support the liver, reduce allergies and inflammation, receive vital micro and macro nutrients or to set the mood…
  • Externally: As a face mask for radiant skin, to excel wound healing, soothe burns and sores.

Cacao Ginger Turmeric Honey display As you enjoy, join us in giving thanks for the astounding miracle of nature’s beauty, bounty and benevolence. For, it is nature’s innate wisdom that endows us with the tools, support and instruction to live fruitful lives. Cacao Ginger Turmeric Honey 6oz Jar

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