Ashwagandha, the Sexual Wellness Herb with the Power of Longevity

March 06, 2016

Ashwagandha, the Sexual Wellness Herb with the Power of Longevity


Recovering from a Fast Paced Life Style Takes Time

I have always been taught that energy is what you “use up”, until you are tired; or that energy is what you “use” until you are depleted of it. After using up all our energy playing sports or running errands, we typically crave to replenish our fleeting energy through binge eating and drinking; sometimes even manifesting into “sicknesses” with “pneumonia” or “flu” like symptoms. Unfortunately, such practice lends itself to volatile highs and lows, based on emptying the tank only to have to replenish it time and time again. Is life a sprint or a marathon? Or maybe it’s neither. Maybe, just maybe, life is about endurance and longevity; calm perseverance based on consistent breath that is replenishing itself in every moment. No end to the marathon, only new beginnings with every breath. Since studying herbalism and experiencing the power of herbs on our medicinal herbal tea farm in Hawaii, I have been introduced to the concept of longevity in real time. With three children and a four acre farm that our family started from scratch, I have been taught the true meaning and importance of enduring, calm energy. In fact, I now believe that there is no other kind. Because emptying the tank is no longer an option. Calm energy in the moment, while preserving energy for the next moment, and the next one after that, has become a practice that I have adopted out of survival, as well as in my personal pursuit of optimal health and wellness. I moved to Hawaii from the East coast after a 10-year stint in the world of high-finance and private equity. At the time, I only knew of one kind of energy, it was the go-go kind. There was no “off” button, or even the idea that it may benefit me to preserve energy. So when I arrived on Kauai in 2007, I was forced to learn some very hard lessons; and after landing on the farm almost five years ago, my learning curve has grown even steeper. I remember so many late nights when I first arrived on the farm, only to be painfully out of commission the following day. And as both the owner of the farm as well as a father to three young children, it is virtually impossible to escape such a vicious cycle. I had no practice in the world of longevity, nor did I understand why I was not able to establish a sustainable rhythm on the farm.
Green Energy Made with Ashwagandha

Herbs for Balancing The Highs and Lows

Almost five years later, I have been humbled to say the least. Although I have made leaps and bounds in my personal quest for longevity; as well as established a relatively stable rhythm on the farm and in our herbal tea operation; the lessons continue to be difficult to digest. Thankfully, I have not been alone in my journey. I have been accompanied by the power of the herbs that we grow. We grow over 50 different types of medicinal herbs, so I have had the opportunity to use them day in and day out in my personal healing journey, researching and experimenting along the way. And in my quest for longevity and endurance, I have been introduced to the herb Ashwagandha, which specifically stands out above the rest when it comes to harnessing calm enduring energy for longevity.
"Ashwagandha root is known to activate and nourish the libido or life force within"
Ashwagandha is truly one of my favorite herbs here on the farm. Also known as the Ginseng of Ayurvedic medicine, the Ashwagandha root is known to activate and nourish the libido or life force within. It is this life force that we use to stimulate our creative juices, as well as pro-create from our root chakra. I chew it in the morning for late day endurance. The Ashwagandha puts me in tune with my daily tasks and gives me a better sense of how to utilize my Chi most efficiently throughout the day. I have learned that it is just as important to start the day strong, as it is to end the day strong. The Ashwagandha makes me fully aware of this reality. We harvest and process the root of the plant. It takes 6-9 months for the Ashwagandha root to reach maturity for harvest. I chew the Ashwagandha root regularly as well as drink it in tea form throughout the day. The energy that one receives from the Ashwagandha root is both instantaneous as well as long-lasting. Although it may take weeks or months of consistent usage to accrue the full benefits of this renowned endurance herb, each dosage is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.
Love Potion made with Ashwagandha at Kauai Farmacy. Herbal tea with tulsi, yellow ginger, allspice, cinnamon, cacao, lemongrass, turmeric, gotu kola, ashwagandha, stevie.

Ashwagandha Supports and Heals not Just One System but Many, Promoting Full Body Health, not Just Treating a Single Symptom

According to Vaidya Atreya Smith in Dravyaguna for Westerners, Ashwagandha is one of the main herbs for promoting life force and rejuvenating the body in Ayurveda. It is a well-known semen promoter and it treats both impotency and infertility. It strengthens the central nervous system and has strong anti-stress actions. The Ashwagandha root simultaneously detoxifies acidic blockages that may interfere with effective circulation of these vitamins and minerals that nourish the reproductive organs and libido. "how you use that creativity to enhance endurance and longevity is key" Yes, libido and sex certainly come to mind when one speaks of Ashwagandha and its strong aphrodisiac like qualities. And at age 42, Ashwagandha has certainly provided me with a brand new sense of awareness and endurance in my sex life. But remember, although libido is synonymous with sex in our culture, libido or life force and the role of the root chakra, is actually synonymous with creativity. So how you use that creativity for endurance and longevity is key; this is opposed to using it for one moment in time (i.e. “climax”), unless that is, you are trying to make a baby. I also utilize the Chaste Plant (Vitex Agnus Castus) known to curb cravings, to balance out the Ashwagandha’s aphrodisiac like effects. According to Dr. Llaila Afrika in African Holistic Health, “each ejaculation causes the loss of the same amount of nutrients needed to run twenty miles. Sexual abstinence and injaculations (sex regeneration) increases the trace mineral accumulations in men, increases the quality of the sperm and increases access to higher spiritual growth.” He further adds, “Orgasm can be achieved without ejaculating sperm. Orgasm is a holistic expression of mental and spiritual balance.” Ashwagandha, a pillar of Ayurvedic medicine, is an herb that we will be hearing more and more about in the Western world. It's calm energy has been so helpful in making consistent daily progress here on the farm. Ashwagandha has taught me how to truly “pace” myself moment to moment. I am truly grateful for the powers of this healing plant and will be even more grateful as I get older and continue to experience its longevity effects.