Bee-Ing Reminded - The Unpredictable Gifts Of Life

November 12, 2020

Bee-Ing Reminded - The Unpredictable Gifts Of Life

Bees are a phenomenon.

They provide the world with food and medicine through pollination, honey through a special process using their salivary-glands, beeswax through their brilliant, architectural geometry, and divine intelligence by just bee-ing.

Unfortunately, these life-giving bee-ings get a bad rap for the venomous sting they can inflict when they or their hive are being threatened. Yesterday, while drawing sand-art with driftwood sticks on the beach with my children, I stepped on one such bee.  Later my toes and foot ballooned as a result, humoring my children at the swollen sight. Most would quickly think, "oh no, poor foot!", not recognizing that my foot will heal in 3-5 days-time, and the venom coursing through my veins is actually a gift of higher magnitude; protecting my muscles, bones and joints from future degeneration. 

The "victim" dwells on the sting. The "appreciator" receives the gift, an offering, a healing injection reminding that slowing the pace down a bit, putting one's feet up (literally), allows for necessary observation, special care of one's own bee-ing, and 

acceptance of each of these unpredictable, hidden gifts of life.

The magnificent bee unfortunately received no such gift in return, but instead sacrificed its life when it was forced to sting in self-defense. It is with noble honor to receive the health benefitsfrom such a thankless sacrifice. This sentiment is for all the underappreciated pollinators and life-beings who bring health and life to all.

May we all Bee Kind, Bee brave, Bee strong, Beehave, and Bee grateful to just Bee. Each day is a gift. Bee the best YOU, you can Bee.

Ancient cultures around the world reveal their use of honey through story, myth, song, tradition and art. In fact, the term honeymoon, is rooted in the Persian cultural tradition of bestowing a newlywed couple with honey wine for one moon’s length of time to imbue them with fertility, abundance, health, and harmony. 

On a molecular level, honey is highly antimicrobial, enzymatic, and soothing. It may be used to heal wounds, bed sores, ulcers, and infections. As the concentrated phytochemicals address unwanted pathogens, the rich vitamins, minerals, and enzymes soothe and expedite the healing of tissues.

Honey is also beneficial for harmonizing the body with the surrounding environment. By consuming honey, the body becomes acclimated and aligned to the subtle energies in existence. Honey is concentrated flower nectar, dosed with pollen, sap, and other potent natural substances. When used internally or externally, it enlivens our bodies with one of the most ancient energies of ambrosia.