Brew Loose Tea in a French Press

November 26, 2015

Brew Loose Tea in a French Press

When it comes to brewing loose tea there are many options including; tea bags, ball infusers, tea pots or just infusing in one container and straining into another. We've used them all and found that the best method for brewing loos tea is in a french press; and here's why:

Reasons to brew tea in a french press

  1. They come in sizes from single serving up to eight servings so you can brew for one or for many.
  2. Most models have a clear carafe so you can watch the tea as it brews.
  3. It keeps the leaves out of your cup. French presses have a fine mesh filter that keeps all of the tea in the bottom of the carafe. Many tea pots have infusers built into the pot but often the holes are large enough to let the smaller pieces be poured out. With a tea pot you still have to strain the tea as you pour.
  4. Second steeping is easy. The leaves stay at the bottom of the carafe for an easy second brewing after you pour your tea. Don't miss the opportunity for a second steep! There's still goodness in your tea as long as steeping produces color in the water.
  5. When finished brewing french presses provide the easiest clean up and without waste. The used leaves can be washed away, added to compost, or swish with a little water and pour into your house plants or garden.
Don't be afraid to over brew your tea! Kauai Farmacy teas are all herbal and unlike green, oolong or other teas make from Camellia sinensis herbal teas do not become bitter if brewed too long. Our herbal teas only develop a deeper color and more flavor the longer they are steeped.

How to brew loose tea in a french press

  1. Make sure the press is clean of any coffee.
  2. Add the loose tea to the empty press. Use only as many teaspoons necessary for the amount of tea you are brewing.
  3. Pour freshly boiled water into the carafe; using only as much as needed.
  4. Stir, cover, and let brew for the desired amount of time.
  5. Press, and pour tea into cups or a tea pot to keep warm.
  6. Re-steep the remaining leaves. If you're not going to drink the next batch right away you can store it in the refrigerator to have it chilled later.
Which French Press to choose?