Consistency in the New Year

January 21, 2017

Consistency in the New Year

Here we are in the infamous month of the 'New Year Resolution'. For most it begins with abundant inspiration and energy to leave some old patterns behind that no longer serve our highest good. But often, as the days pass and we experience the discomfort and challenges of our new ways (and don't see immediate results), resoluteness fades, and we slowly slip back into that old habitual, familiar rhythm.

So, I have been watching, and the garden as always is my great teacher. A couple of years ago, we adopted a regimen of feeding the garden with homemade compost tea every two weeks. I had read plenty on how compost tea would change the soil structure, and the entire ecosystem beneath the plants. It sounded good; good enough for me to commit to- because in my heart-it felt like the right way to feed our precious herbs.

When we first started, I definitely had my doubts. Here we were hand-watering a diluted compost tea with different hands pouring at different rates. Did every plant get enough? And what was enough? Another good question for pondering. But we continued. Consistently. Rain or shine. Whether we felt like doing it or not. Every two weeks. Period.

And what has happened? We proved all those books were right- the results are amazing. Something seemingly so benign and insubstantial. Would it work if we just flooded the garden with it once a year? No. Would it work if we made it super concentrated and did it quarterly? No. What does make it work? Moderation paired with consistency.

Because this experience was outside myself, it was easy for me to commit to a long period of time to see results. Now it is my responsibility to carry this lesson over to my personal life- if I want to make lasting change, I must practice consistency and gentleness.

Don't underestimate the changes that will come from the small if you do them every day. What happens to your physical being if you drink one cup of tea a day? What happens to your emotional being if you say 'I love you' in the mirror every time you brush your teeth? What happens to your spiritual being if you walk outside every day and say thank you to Mother Earth?

Please let us know in January of 2018.