Herb Consciousness

September 02, 2016

Herb Consciousness

Nurture your vessel; the one that carries you day in and day out. Go into a new realm of consciousness; one that houses your highest self; one that caresses your physical being & renews & replenishes your body & spirit. Reach new limits & free your mind & body of acidic cancers that try to chip away at your weakest links. Strengthen & fortify your heart, & break through the cyclical patterns that have been holding you back from next level evolution. Discard that which does not serve you. Consume all that does, in abundance.

Nature is your guardian into your primitive, genuine self. Find the way. Armed with your herbal shield, trusty faith & perseverance; overcome life's obstacles to elevate yourself; a simple choice, you’d think. But don’t. don’t think. Just be. Do. Discover new, simpler ways that serve you in your personal journey to optimal health.

Herbal consciousness is real. A new frequency. A new vibration of vitamins & minerals your body deserves: Kauai-grown, hand-crafted, fresher than fresh. It speaks to your entirety; tugs on your psyche at just the right moments to divert from self-deprecating behaviors, & signals you at every fork in the unwieldy highway of life to enter the spaces that mature you and brighten your path. Herbs, rest, nutrition, hydration, healthy physical practice & breath are the gateway to healthier holistic life practices that deliver your true innate self at the highest of frequencies.

Healing & well-being is a lifestyle choice, & cannot be measured in time or dosage. Risk, & be humbled; I dare you. Embrace nature’s herbal treasures. Herbal consciousness is a way of life; Consume them in their raw fullness to reveal stupendous personal growth. Drink them, eat them, breath their aromatic particles of wellness; bathe in their essence, & blossom as they once did.

You are the creator of your own happier, healthier now.

With Love & Aloha,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxo