Kauai Flood Update. We're OK!

April 21, 2018

Kauai Flood Update. We're OK!

Sunday morning Doug looks over the flooded Kilauea Stream that borders the property.

Thursday afternoon, the stream receded back down and is barely visible on the left.

Kauai received unprecedented rain April 14, 2018 causing island-wide flooding and severe damage to roads and structures. Our farm is situated on a river bend. As the river levels elevated, the water surged through the gardens, washed away our mulched paths, and even left behind a few fish once the water receded.

All things considered, we faired pretty well. We've cleaned up and re-mulched, and our team is in great spirits. The experience has reminded us that many hands make for light work; all things are impermanent; and plants are resilient. In the end, despite these recent challenges, we are truly grateful for the abundance of water on the Garden Island.

Mahalo to all of you who have reached out to see that we're OK.