Superpowers of Plant Medicine

June 23, 2022

Superpowers of Plant Medicine

The most energizing, healing, and restorative vitamins and minerals on Earth come from the planet’s most vibrant and flavorful edible plants. In other words, plant medicine grown with intention is the superpower for optimal health. The combination of these super plants along with drinking pure spring water and breathing nourishing, oxygenated air provides the foundation to attract the high-vibe foods, symbiotic human relationships, and restorative environmental experiences. So if it is just that simple, why isn’t everyone doing it? The reason is that it takes education, access, and persistence to achieve this healthier lifestyle.

When we first started drinking fresh herbal tea grown in our landlord’s garden on Kaua‘i, the subtle experience shifted our thoughts, intentions, and diet. The Tulsi calmed our breath, the Mint soothed our nervous system, the Lemon Balm lifted our mood, and the Sage quieted our minds. The chemistry of our blood was becoming less acidic and more alkaline. The plants were clearing toxic blockages in our circulatory system and awakening our body's intuitive tools that had been laying dormant. The increased alkalinity in our blood was helping provide a more positive mindset and a more nutritious diet consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. No longer do we have to struggle and convince our minds of what to eat because we are chemically attracted to healthier alkaline foods (i.e. like attracts like).

It was an awareness that I had never felt before. It was during my athletic teenage years that my potent digestive juices were able to digest a nail, if need be. But as I grew older, my once youthful metabolism began dragging its feet, steadily slowed down, backed-up, and became stagnant. However, with the help of this medicinal herb garden, I learned that just drinking a potent cup of herbal tea could provide the foundation for the health and wellness of my entire being. Slowly but surely the plant medicine detoxed calcified blockages, cleansed my blood, stimulated my circulatory system, and ignited my metabolism. In the process, I was sharpening my mind, heightening my awareness, and bolstering my will-power.

Now, fifteen years later, I have learned to align myself with the superpowers of plant medicine. How you ask? Practice, practice, practice! Learning how to apply plant medicine effectively is a lifetime journey of challenging lessons, commitment, and never-ending self-discovery. So now that my metabolic system has been rejuvenated and I have integrated the plant medicine into my daily life, what does that lifestyle integration actually look like?

I now love drinking an extra-large jar of chilled tea in the fridge, a cup of hot tea in the morning, the honey and tea for my sweet tooth, the iced tea brew as a base in my smoothie, the warm tea for a foot bath, and a floral tea for face-steams. I crave pinches of our green superfoods like Moringa and Bele Spinach for protein and iron-rich smoothies; Turmeric, Ginger, and Curry spice in my salad dressings and on my avocados; and Cinnamon and Allspice in my desserts. I use the uplifting “spirit water” of the plants - that we call hydrosols - to brighten my day and clean my pores, as well as help heal an acute ache, cut, or inflammation. When time allows, I also enjoy massaging and lubricating my entire body with Macadamia Nut-based serums and butters, as well as Coconut beeswax-based salves. For me, this is my happy place, my guaranteed self-love practice. And when it comes to fresh plant medicine, I do not skimp, I do not hoard, and I do not save. The fresher the plants are when they enter our body, and the younger you are when you invite their benefits, the better. So when it comes to anti-aging, time is of the essence.

As we ingest these vitamins and minerals, we become more vibrant and energetic, and we feel the physical, mental, and spiritual connection to the Earth. We learn to trust and honor our collective presence with the planet and its species as one. It is with this consistent practice that the true beneficial superpowers of plant medicine come alive.