Tulsi - The Elixir of Life

November 05, 2015

Tulsi - The Elixir of Life

In Hinduism and Ayurvedic Medicine, Tulsi or Holy Basil is revered for its spiritual healing, mental awakening, and physical calming powers. More specifically, Tulsi Basil is known for its calming of the respiratory and digestive systems. Referred to as the Elixir of Life, it is a tonic herb that can be consumed morning, day and night for daily health and wellness; in order to increase circulation and provide calming energy. As a slightly warming herb, Tulsi Basil is anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-bacterial; used daily as an immune booster as well as for acute issues to dissolve skin, bronchial and digestive blockages and infections that typically arise from the consumption of acidic foods. For example, Tulsi systematically cleanses the body of built-up mucous from dairy, lard from meat, and yeast from gluten, as well as toxic chemicals and synthetic sugars. The overall importance of this plant is unsurpassed in Hinduism and Ayurvedic medicine. A billion people in the world or approximately 20% of the world’s population have been praying to this plant for thousands of years as a result of its proven healing capabilities. And the fact that it is just getting on the radar in the Western World makes me both optimistic of our culture’s potential to heal ourselves; as well as realistic of our historical ignorance to the true power of such potent, whole plant medicine, grown with care and love.

Tulsi growing in the Kauai Farmacy Gardens

I understand that Tulsi Basil is so revered in the Hinduism culture and within Ayurvedic medicine that it is commonly found in planters just outside the front entrances of people’s homes. Also known as Holy Basil, it is known spiritually to clear the air of negative energy and danger, and attract positive vibrations in the environment. The leaves of the plant are consumed fresh as well as in tea by young children and infants alike as a safe medicinal tonic to address stomach aches and coughs. As a result, the Tulsi Basil is widely known as THE children’s medicinal herbal remedy. Tulsi Tea the elixir of life I have once been told of the relationship between Tulsi and the Cobra snake in India. The Tulsi Basil’s strategic presence outside the homes in India is uniquely effective in keeping the dangerous Cobra Snake away from the home. Yes, that’s right. Maybe the most feared snake in the world is scared off by this most sacred of all plants. But, the story of the Cobra snake and the Tulsi plant goes much deeper. It continues on to tell of the dangers of consuming and/or surrounding yourself with too much Tulsi; as the cobra is regarded to possess and symbolize a profound knowledge; so in this light, the tale also reminds us that too much of anything can potentially be harmful in the pursuit of balance and longevity. A commune for the bees in the garden, the Tulsi Basil is consistently flowering, thus generating nectar for the bees, as well as produce for our medicine. The Tulsi plant seems to stand out as the Mother plant of the garden. In Hawaii, it is a pleasure to seed, grow and nurture; and has become the most prolific plant in our gardens due to the fact that it grows so well, produces so abundantly, is so delicious, and is so medicinally balanced. There is nothing like the awareness and increase in consciousness from Tulsi Basil. Plant Consciousness is ultimately the idea of being more plant-like. Feeling, sensing and symbolizing the plants themselves, as a result of consuming the whole plants energy through smell and taste; as well as digesting the plant in its most fresh, raw and potent form possible. In becoming more plant like, we adopt the simplicity, immunity, suppleness, peacefulness, fertility, hydration, minerals, vitamins, consciousness, alkalinity, and vibrations of the plants themselves. This being said, the Tulsi Basil plant is one to certainly emulate. The increased self-awareness in relationship to the environment that you are in is an uncanny health benefit of regularly consuming Tulsi Basil. For example, imagine tuning into the present environment so alertly as to always protect your immune system in real time through calm and clear thinking and acting. It’s the simple things that are within our control that the Tulsi Basil makes us aware of and most important to act on, like: maintaining a healthy body temperature by putting on a sweater, or acknowledging and leaving “polluted” areas, going to bed when you are tired, and not being confused by the illness we receive from acidic food, but rather consciously attract and eat alkaline foods for optimal energy and balance. The Tulsi plant raises our awareness to all of this and so much more. One can only understand and appreciate this life changing self-awareness that the Tulsi Basil offers by consuming it for an extended period of time. An adaptogenic herb that is able to address and heal your body wherever it needs the love; as well as raise the frequency of the other herbs that it is blended with; Tulsi Basil is not only found abundantly throughout our gardens, but also in so many of our tea blends. We are so grateful to be able to grow and produce Tulsi Basil in its most potent and raw form grown in Kauai’s rich volcanic soil. To understand our love for this plant, consider this: for if we were only able to grow and produce one single plant to help heal ourselves and the world, Tulsi Basil would be the one.


If we could only grow one plant in our gardens, it would be tulsi.