Foundations of Permaculture - Biodiversity

July 14, 2020

Biodiversity is one of the most important and essential foundations of any healthy ecosystem. At Kauai Farmacy, we have established our plant community around a wide variety of herbs, which lends the term, "herbaculture," similar to permaculture, but mostly herbs. This is our first video segment of a series that focuses on permaculture, the philosophy, design, implementation, and benefits of this organic system based on harmonizing with nature. It's our hope that by sharing our practices we can show you that it is possible to combine permaculture with production farming while creating jobs and local economy, providing medicine to the world, and healing the Earth one garden at a time. Founded by diverse medicinal herbs, our gardens have built a natural immunity. As we have introduced food crops into the ecology, they have an advantage growing alongside companion plants that repel pests. We'll show you tried-and-true techniques, along with what we've learned through the process. The more we experiment, the more we learn the power is in the process. We've crafted our tea blends to mirror the biodiversity of the gardens.