Chef's Garden Spice Trio

Introducing Kauai Farmacy Chef’s Garden Spice Trio, with three of our foundational culinary herb and spice blends. Beginning with the basics, this Salt & Pepper is a revival of the famous black pepper that inspired fleets of ships to sail across the world seeking its potent zest and healing properties from the Spice Islands. With Hawaiian Red Sea Salt, the Pacific Ocean’s tropical saline flavor and energy is infused into this re-inspired classic duo.

Featuring the aromatic mediterranean herbs Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Tarragon, and more, our most popular Savory Blend combines traditional flavors with medicinal efficacy. Characterized by a gentle yet pungent flavor, Savory Blend makes a delightful addition to any food. We love combining these savory herbs with fresh squeezed lime juice, a pinch of our Salt & Pepper, and cold-pressed oil for a garden-fresh salad dressing that will nourish, replenish, and restore. In addition to dressings, its great sprinkled onto foods, to spruce up sauces, or cooked into savory dishes.

And finally, to top the trio off with some fire, our Nīoi flakes enliven every kitchen. Not only making the culinary experience spicy and fun, but also highly medicinal. Nīoi, or Hawaiian Chili Pepper flakes, can easily be used to add a touch of spice or pure fire to any snack or dish. We love sprinkling some flakes on our avocados. It brings life to your mouth and energy to your blood stream. A great  way to reduce inflammation, Nīoi supports circulation, can help to lower blood pressure, and even relieves pain. For an easy tonic, simply boil water with a little bit of Nīoi flakes, and drink like a tea, warm or chilled.

These spices are potently medicinal because of the purity of our growing practices, the intention with which they are processed, and the freshness offered through our small-batch production systems. It is pure spices like these that are missing from everyday dining and the modern restaurant industry. We are on a mission to reintroduce potent, exquisite, and healing seasonings back into the culinary experience. Not only are the flavors superior, but the medicinal benefits make these spices a great addition to any kitchen. Our Kauai Farmacy Chefs create some of the best farm-to-table meals and snacks in the world, and we'd love for you to enjoy a few of their favorite spices with their new Chef's Garden Spice Trio. 

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