Superfood Spice Trio

This intentional trio contains:

Cacao+Olena is a high-vibration, versatile herbal trifecta that creates a rich, creamy golden milk elixir. This powder also fortifies smoothies, food and tea with a euphoric, grounding nature. Packed with antioxidants and phytochemicals, this blend supports healthy digestion, increases metabolism, balances the heart, reduces inflammation, and strengthens the immune system.

Curry Blend is a staple kitchen spice that adds full-bodied flavor and harmonious heat to your culinary creations. It's ideal for sautés, soups, salads, spicy guacamole and sauces. Turn up the gauge of your daily design with the electric kick of this seed-to-spoon spice. 

Moringa Powder is your all-purpose ally for an elevated existence! Containing complete amino acids for clean energy, bioavailable chlorophyl for sustainable detoxification, and anti-bacterial/fungal/viral qualities for positive prevention, Moringa is a multifaceted herbal panacea. This radical herb contributes to cerebral, circulatory, digestive, heart, liver and endocrine health.

Infuse your existence with sensational and supportive medicinal powders. This intentional trio covers all your bases, delivering herbal enrichment in a diverse and versatile powder form. These blends are brimming with essential nutrients, immune-boosting qualities and satiating flavor.

Fit for any lifestyle, these superfood powders are ready to enhance your nutriment, your performance, your perspective and your quality of life. Enjoy the experience as Cacao+Olena, Curry Blend and Moringa Powder become key players in your kitchen. 

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