Curry Blend

A heated yet sweetly balanced blend of flavorful, tangy and nutrition-rich spices. Each herb provides its own unique kick, making this peppery mix excellent to add to any dish to enliven or to spice it up.

Our Curry blend is unique. Pick up almost any other "Curry Powder" and you'll notice that there's no Curry in it. See what the Curry plant actually tastes like while adding nutrients and antioxidants to every delicious meal.


    Benefits Of Curry Leaf

    • Curry leaf tastes savory, sharp, mildly spicy and toasty woody in flavor.

    • The curry leaf is high in iron and folic acid. This combination allows for high absorption of iron aiding in the relief of anemia.

    • Curry leaf is high in antioxidants that help control free radicals.

    • High in vitamins A and C.

    • Helps protect the liver.

    • Balances blood sugar levels helping to keep diabetes in check.

    Benefits of Turmeric Root

    • Turmeric root tastes earthy, robust and bitter.

    • Turmeric reduces inflammation, fights infection and boosts the immune system.

    Benefits of Kaffir Lime

    • Kaffir Lime smells and tastes sweet and citrusy with a tangy spiciness that slowly increases. It is frequently used to flavor Thai soups and curries.

    • Kaffir lime supports skin and hair health and helps fight bacterial and fungal infections.

    • Supports joint health.

    Benefits of Hawaiian Chili Peppers

    • Hawaiian Chili Peppers are an extremely spicy with loads of fiery heat! These little peppers are as hot as habañeros.

    • Increases circulation and helps prevent heart disease.

    Benefits of Ginger Root

    • Galangal Ginger is mildly sweet and floral, less tangy than yellow ginger.

    • Yellow ginger root has a very sharp and spicy flavor.

    • Gingers increase circulation, calms the digestive tract and aids with any digestion discomfort or problems. 

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