Raw, Vegan, herbal GUACAMOLE recipe

February 14, 2016

Herbal Guacamole Recipe

RAW, VEGAN, herbal GUACAMOLE recipe
From the Kauai Farmacy kitchen:
* Organic, fresh, raw, local produce when possible
Mix ingredients in medium size bowl.
  1. Spoon Guacamole onto red leaf cabbage and serve or
  2. Serve in dipping bowl with carrot sticks, cucumber sticks (sliced long-ways), julienne peppers, and sugar snap peas.
* Makes enough servings for 5 people to enjoy!
"This is a favorite home-made recipe in our house. It is a sure way to incorporate a bounty of healthful herbs into a delicious meal with little effort."—Genna & Doug
These herbs support healthy circulation, aid in digestion, support mental-clarity & cognitive function, have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-septic qualities, while providing us essential and diverse vitamins and minerals for well-being.