Botanical Broth Blend

food as lifestyle plant medicineExquisite, rich, and nourishing; This blend of familiar and rare herbs grace the palate with ease. One's mind, body, and soul can be found dancing to the heights of the seldom experience of what is called the "Nutritive High." Bright notes of Lemongrass and Oregano are rounded out with a bold center of Katuk leaf, Mulberry leaf, and Sissoo Spinach that is rich, subtly nutty, and herbaceous to the pallet. Undertones of Bay leaf, Rosemary, Thyme, and Hawaiian Chili Pepper percolate to the center, lending excitement and a smile you'll see across all ages and palate demographics. From soup broths to marinades, rubs, seasoning, and dressings. The sky is the limit of its uses in your kitchen.


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