10 Tips to Heal

June 22, 2018

10 Tips to Heal

Ten things you need to know when healing with herbs

Use Tonic Herbs Daily


Ginger, Turmeric, Tulsi and Lemongrass are used to restore, balance, cleanse, and tone your body, mind and soul. Find an easy way to integrate them into your daily lifestyle through teas, spices and salves.

Mix it Up!


Integrating a diverse array of vitamins and minerals into your lifestyle from a variety of herbs and spices is ideal to support and strengthen your body's immune system. Mix and match and have fun with it!

Expect to Detox


Blockages in the body create disease. Alkalizing herbs break up calcified matter and toxic blockages; using our skin and expelling-pathways to cleanse the impurities from the body. Know your nearest bathroom! 

Stay with it


Consistent use of the herbs over time is key for them to be most effective. Healing with herbs is a lifestyle, not a "quick fix". Stay patient and integrate a simple yet diligent practice for sustainable results and longevity.

Heal Inside and Out


Healing is not one-dimensional. If something is ailing you or an injury persists, address the issue internally and externally. Circulatory and digestive teas are a perfect compliment to external salves and hydrosols.

Listen to the Plants


Plants share truths. Listen to what they say. Feeling tired? "Ditch that stimulant and get some rest". Knees hurt? "Lose that excess weight". Plants are our greatest teachers - tune in!

Eat an Alkaline Diet


Eating nourishing, alkaline foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seed will support a healthy PH. This allows for optimal mental clarity, proper organ function and a healthy internal landscape. Earth foods are best!

Trust Your Intuition


Herbs heighten self-awareness and intuition; providing information to all the body's receptors. Trust these insights; they are your road map to creating positive change. Trust yo' self.

Stay Well Hydrated


Drinking copious amounts of clean, pure water (ideally, a trustworthy local spring water), keeps the body supple and free to easily expel waste and toxic impurities. The herbs are most effective when the body is well-hydrated.

Get Adequate Rest


Restorative sleep is essential for our body to re-calibrate and feel rejuvenated in our wakeful hours. If the body is tired during the day, try getting horizontal and finding a peaceful resting space to reboot.

Who grows your herbs? - How is your plant medicine grown and crafted? Watch this short video to see how we do it here at Kauai Farmacy.


Are you ready to heal yo' self?