Healing - One Cup at a Time

April 20, 2021

Healing - One Cup at a Time

Small Step - Leap of Action


As I sip my cup of Puritea sweetened with Ginger-infused honey, I reflect on the many projects that our farm has recently taken on in such a short time. After years of contemplation, we curbed our unnerving-hesitation that once paralyzed us from achieving tasks that seemed terribly daunting and overwhelming.

As is the case with our health. As we intentionally shifted our mental focus from the colossal “overall desired outcome” and redirected our intention to a simpler, more digestible approach with a clear focus on what we “could do” right now, things have started to take shape.


Healing Transformation

After removing over 100 invasive trees from the underutilized front pasture, a clearing with extraordinary opportunity remains. A fertile understory ripe for intentional planting awaits seeding as the evenly-spread mulch initiates new garden terrain. As living creatures of mother earth, we too can emulate a cleansing of the invasives and create a similar opportunity for human expansion and growth as it relates to our health. When we cleanse we are removing blockages, stagnancy, undesirable pathogens, and creating flow, circulation, and space to enhance our health. When we think of tackling chronic pain, cancer, or unruly viruses, it can be quite overwhelming. However, we have the power to take action. Without overwhelming ourselves with the “ultimate healing remedy” or the “quick cure” for whatever may be ailing us, we can take action in a more attainable way. 

The first step: drink a cup of herbal tea. It may sound simple, but that’s the point, this is the very act that will propel further expansion. Then try to integrate two cups of tea into your daily routine. You may find yourself making more intentional, conscious choices throughout the day as a result. You may find ease where there once was tension. The change will arise differently with different people as we are all unique individuals. However, one thing will be certain; when you introduce herbs into your lifestyle consistently over time, micro-shifts will occur, and opportunity within will emerge.


A Platform for New Growth

There is a beginning with every health journey. A moment. A moment of similar impulsivity that draws us into the realm of conscious choice. It is as simple as drinking that first cup of herbal tea, yet feels so monumental when considered in the greater goal. It is taking that first sip of herbal tea that will produce a positive ripple into your future healing journey when the bigger shifting begins to take place. This is the nature of herbal healing.

As we invite you to join in this journey, we will continue to share with you our story, the story of a small family-owned farm run by passionate gardeners, herbalists, ordinary and extraordinary humans who share in the art of creating the world’s most profound herbal plant medicine without compromise. As we removed the overgrowth, we created a clearing that was much more than a clearing of the aggressive, rampantly invading canopy. It was an opening. A platform for new growth. For expansion. For receiving light, air, and water. For rebirth. For creativity. For intention and future evolution. Our health deserves the same. Let that first cup of tea be a landmark that declares your path in vibrancy, and let the second, third, and beyond cup be the bedrock on which your healing is grounded.