New Compostable Tea Packaging

June 20, 2020

New Compostable Tea Packaging

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In light of conscious consumption and a premium experience, we are up-leveling to 100% compostable tea packaging. After extensive research and experimentation, we proudly stand behind the satisfying snap-seal, the air-tight composition, and the organic fit for each precious tea. Eco-friendly and eco-economical, these lightweight natural bags lessen the carbon-footprint, offering you and the planet savings in realtime. It is our highest intention to deliver you the freshest, purest medicinal product
— and these bags bolster that mission. 

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Seed to Cup Farm
On this magical, four acre farm on the north shore of Kauai, we sprout, grow,
harvest, cure, blend, and ship our teas, spices, salves and hydrosols
directly to you; assuring that you always receive the freshest, finest,
artisan-grown and crafted herbal plant medicine. 

Mahalo (Thank you) for supporting organic, permaculture farming
and Kauai-grown plant medicine.