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Botanical Body Butter

Luxuriate to new levels as you lather your body, mind and soul with our Botanical Body Butter. With the consistency of silk and medicinal quality of gold, we invite you to revel in this creation of botanical brilliance!

Raw Cacao debuts with its pivotal role in external body care, contributing superlative antioxidant content, nourishing emollient nature and elating endorphin activation. Picked with care, processed by hand and gently cured within our solar dehydrators, our raw cacao is unparalleled in its mana (supernatural force) and medicinal quality. Thus, you are receiving pure, unadulterated whole-bean, fruit and butter with each application. 

Raw Cacao contains 40% more antioxidant content than fermented and roasted cacao!

Turmeric and Tea Tree enrich this body butter with their treasured attributes as well. Imparting not only a golden glow to your skin, but cleansing, purifying and revitalizing constituents that keep you feeling fresh throughout your day.  

Rounding out this blend with regenerative and wound-healing abilities, Noni and Gotu Kola saturate your skin with ancient Polynesian and Ayurvedic panaceas. Renowned for their cellular regeneration, healthy circulation and longevity virtues, these two herbs impart the perfect balance of ancient wisdom and modern lifestyle. 

Bringing brilliance into your life, our Botanical Body Butter is great for men and women alike. It can be used as a daily moisturizer, after-sun care, hair treatment, aftershave, therapeutic massage creme or for first aid cases like cuts, scrapes, rashes and burns. 


    Organic Coconut Oil, Kauai Bees Wax, Cacao, Turmeric, Noni, Tea Tree, Gotu Kola.

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