The Essence of Immunity

August 08, 2020

The Essence of Immunity

Turmeric harvest - Curcuma Longa (aka 'Olena in Hawaiian)

Doug Wolkon harvesting cuban oreganoWhen I think of dis-ease or illness, or more precisely, the thousands of terms Western medicine has created for defining symptoms of dis-ease, I can not help but feel somewhat curious and simultaneously compassionate. In my opinion, it is the unhealthy food, stressful lifestyles, chlorinated water and polluted air that is creating dis-ease. The complexity of pollution and toxicity that surrounds us on the daily, from the air we breathe to the food we eat, is wreaking havoc on our bodies, minds, and spirits. Mix these noxious inputs with fearful thoughts from panicked media, and we have created the perfect recipe for dis-ease. 
Even most people that eat “healthy” cannot typically trace their food or medicine back to the origin of its growth. Therein, they will never know how the food is cared for, loved, fertilized, or how fresh it truly is. These elements are essential to the true vitality and digestibility of the energy we are receiving. It is so simple, yet so elusive in society. Clean food, clean water, and clean air create healthy human beings. 
So what does all this have to do with Immunity?
I do not worry about disease because doing so gets in the way of building the health of my immune system. My truth is that I actually don’t really believe in disease. Why? Because a belief in disease hinders the refined focus necessary to produce a strong immune system. Believing in disease, or even sickness for that matter, is a fear-driven concept that typically allows the patient to play ignorant victim, instead of owning their actions (i.e. lack of rest, toxic water or poor diet choices are the top reasons). 
Disease actually refutes my most basic belief in the health of all human beings: "clean air, water, and food, combined with rest, can diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease".

I believe that if my immune system is strong enough, then I will not know dis-ease. And if I do go down for a “lesson in healing”, I will not wonder why, because my immune system will clearly diagnose the reason for me, which is usually rooted in the basic balance of clean nutrition, hydration and rest. 
Plants parallel humans in the potency of their immune systems. Dis-ease cannot and will not penetrate the immunity of plants that are fed nourishing compost, cared for with love, and receive abundant clean water. The only real difference between the immune systems of plants and human beings is that plants are full-on ninjas at the most important healing practice: rest. 
In any case, even if we ignite our individual immune systems optimally, we are still only as strong as the immune system of the environment we live in. Unfortunately, we have created homogeneous industrial environments that are imbalanced on myriad levels. This needs to change as well. And the necessary change is easy and attainable: "Plant diverse medicine gardens anywhere and everywhere to clarify and bolster the immune systems of our collective environments".

Again, no need to fear the pollution in the air, but rather find comfort in the thriving TURMERIC, ROSEMARY, YARROW, LAVENDER and SAGE growing all around you. For, it is these very plant medicines that clean the air and call in the cleansing rain, just like they do in our bodies. 
We must propel our local farmers and plant medicine makers to keep the produce coming. Grow food and medicinal herbs to strengthen our human and environmental immune systems with such vigor and radiance that dis-ease becomes irrelevant. Retrain our minds to perceive the very nutrients within our gardens that enrich our plants simultaneously elevating our minds, bodies, and souls. This will be easy, once the abundance is a reality. However, there is no quick fix to dismantling the concept of dis-ease. There is only the natural process of diligently planting a true foundation of health and wellness centered around caring for the earth as it cares for us; and as its immune system strengthens so does ours. This is the essence of Immunity! 


Grown and crafted with the Essence of Immunity.

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