Chocolate Mint Coconut Ice Cream Saucers

December 18, 2020

Chocolate Mint Coconut Ice Cream Saucers

Silicon mold of your choice

1 cup cacao nibs

3 medium to mature coconuts

Coconut water 

2 bunches of mint

Allspice Honey - sweeten to taste


1. Put cacao nibs, mint, Allspice Honey, and coconut meat in a blender

2. Fill blender with coconut water about halfway to the height of ingredients

3. Blend until creamy (add coconut water as needed - be careful not to over-thin the mix 

4. Pour into mold and freeze until frozen

5. Make a coconut 'whipped' cream with coco meat, coco water, and allspice honey and blend to desired consistency

6. To serve, remove chocolate cream from mold 

7. Put a dollup of coconut 'whipped' cream on saucer

8. Drizzle Allspice honey and garnish with edible flower