Purple Okinawa Sweet Potato Pie

March 16, 2021

Purple Okinawa Sweet Potato Pie

- Steam 10 Okinawa sweet potatoes whole with skin on until tender (substitute yam or sweet potato).

- Let cool and peel off skin.

- Skin, core, and fine chop white sugarloaf pineapple (medium size) (substitute* any pineapple).

- Mash sweet potatoes and pineapple together in large mixing bowl with potato-mashing tool or squeeze with clean hands until thoroughly mixed.

- Make palm-size balls with mixture and pat and shape how you wish (hearts, triangles, rounds).

- Dust with coconut flakes.

- Drizzle Allspice Honey (or Cacao Ginger Turmeric Honey) and garnish with Surinam Cherry, pineapple slices, fresh mint, or other fun garnish of your choice.

- Serve and enjoy!