Tranquility Tea

The scent of fresh flowers suffuses this solar-cured bouquet of calming herbs. Take a breath and unwind with this sweet, mellow companion for reflection and renewal. Drink Tranquility Tea and be prepared for surrendering to a deep, fulfilling slumber and a peaceful awakening with noticeably less fatigue.

Lilikoi (Passion flower) elegantly leads the orchestra of nervines, sedatives and calming herbs in Tranquility with its luxurious aroma and serene demeanor. Celebrated for its anti-anxiety, anti-spasmodic, anodyne, cooling and calming qualities, Lilikoi has an affinity for ‘quelling the cyclic mind’ and fostering full acceptance, and thus peace.

Tranquility Tea is an effective sleep aid, helping combat insomnia, interrupted sleep patterns, anxiety and nervousness. Partake in a cup of Tranquility in the afternoon or before bed for a peaceful night’s rest or anytime when needed to calm the nerves, settle the mind and center the soul. Or drink a cup of tea after a heavy meal to help digest.



  • Supports regular sleep patterns
  • Stress relief
  • Nervousness
  • Digestive issues
  • Foggy brain


  • Loaded with alkaline minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Adaptogenic
  • Cooling and Calming
  • Vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, A, calcium, magnesium, potassium

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      Customer Reviews

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      I drink it every night. It's become a nighttime ritual. The quality is unmatched by anyone

      Valerie C.
      Help with migraines

      I have suffered from migraines for a very long time following cervical spine surgery. My physician has recommended I try more holistic ways to manage pain. This tea is beyond wonderful! I have lived in Hawaii and fully appreciate the healing power of nature. I have a cup of this tea in the morning to start my day and listen to some sweet Hawaiian music. Another cup before bedtime helps with relaxation and is especially helpful with migraine pain in the middle of the night. You will certainly hear from me again! Mahalo!

      Phyllis Kingsbury
      Update on Tranquility and Restless Leg Syndrome

      I'm providing this update to my two previous posts on using the Tranquility blend to help with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). My husband and sister both are still finding some relief after drinking a cup of this tea but not on a consistent level. Sometimes it just doesn't work, but it appears that it is the severity of the attack that determines whether or not the spasms stop. So it is hit or miss. Putting that aside, they always give it a try when their legs start jumping and they aren't going to be driving, so they get the other benefits from the herbs in this blend. I still would strongly recommend a person try Tranquility as a method to help with RLS symptoms.

      Phyllis Kingsbury
      Now Helping My Sister with Restless Leg Syndrome

      In my previous review, I stated the help that my husband is receiving from Tranquility Tea in calming his Restless Leg Syndrome. I noted that I had sent my sister a little sample from my personal stash as she also suffers from this affliction. I am happy to report that she is also finding relief, but just as with my husband, it is taking some experimentation to find the right time of day and number of cups. It's funny because at first my husband groaned when I suggested I make him a cup of tea when I saw him twitching, but now he says "I need some tea!" It would be interesting to see if a Parkinson patient benefited from Tranquility because Parkinson patients and RLS patients are prescribed the same medication.

      Phyllis Kingsbury
      Helping Husband with Restless Leg Syndrome

      My husband has severe Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) which prevents him from sitting or sleeping. His medication is minimally effective. He lives his life in a constant state of unrest getting only bits and pieces of sleep at night. When his legs are jumpy, he has to get up to pace around the house to get relief. I read that the Tranquility blend has 3 or 4 herbs with antispasmodic properties and most ingredients are nervines (calming). Well, I made him a cup of Tranquility tea during his first episode after it arrived and within 10 minutes his legs were calm for about two hours. We've done several experiments and the tea has calmed his legs each time without fail, each time for at least 3 hours. I feel hopeful that we can find the right schedule for his medication dosing, and tea "dosing" so that he will finally get some rest. My sister has the same condition and I've sent her some to try as well. I hope this review reaches some RLS sufferers who may also benefit from this wonderful blend.