Sleep Bundle

What's in the Sleep Bundle: 

2 oz Tranquility Tea - Practice drinking a cup of this delicious blend of calming, cooling, and minty herbs an hour before sleep. This unique combination of herbs may optimize our REM and set the intention for an awakening filled with vitality and next-day renewal. 

1 oz Lilikoi Tincture - Keeping Lilikoi Tincture on the bedside table is a perfect reminder to integrate the Lilikoi essence into our tranquil evening's sleep. Known to invoke lucid dreams, Passion Flower calms the mind while also offering a more enhanced dream state experience. 

1 oz Kava Serum - Our Kauai-grown Kava is imbued in a sultry Macadamia Nut oil in a convenient Kava serum for luxurious application to fortify and provide local analgesic relief through our skin, our body’s largest organ. Apply after your evening shower on tired and achy muscles and joints. 


In our fast-paced and stressful world, finding natural ways to optimize our health and well-being is more important than ever. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on three powerful herbs - Lilikoi, Tulsi, and Kava - known for their remarkable benefits in restoration, enhancing REM sleep, relieving pain, calming the respiratory, and reducing anxiety.

By incorporating these herbs into our daily routine, we can tap into their potential to bring about a profound positive impact on our lives. Herbs are best utilized when they are integrated throughout our day and woven into our lifestyle practices. 

It is in this Spirit of true restoration and health that we introduce to you our most sacred herbal synergy - THE SLEEP BUNDLE

These herbs are known for their remarkable benefits in restoration, enhancing REM sleep, relieving pain, calming the respiratory tract, and reducing anxiety. 

Lilikoi (Passiflora Quadrangularis) is our key exotic power-flower in the serene Tranquility Tea and the sole herb in our top selling Lilikoi Tincture. 

Lilikoi is known to: 

  • Possess sedative properties that can help calm the mind and body, making it easier to fall asleep.
  • Improve the quality of our REM sleep. REM sleep is important for memory consolidation, emotional regulation, creativity, physical restoration, and mood regulation.
  • Promote relaxation and reduce anxiety by calming the hyper-active “circle-mind” style of thinking.

    By enhancing our restorative sleep cycles, Lilikoi can contribute to increased energy levels and overall well-being.

Tulsi (Holy Basil) is the foundational herb for many of our herbal teas and makes a profound appearance in the flavor profile and efficacy of the Tranquility tea. 

Tulsi is known as: 

  • A powerful adaptogenic herb known as “the elixir of life.” It helps the body cope with stress and anxiety bringing about a quality of life we can all live with.
  • An antioxidant rich herb with anti-inflammatory properties that can aid in pain relief and promote a sense of calm and balance.
  • A potent decongestant aiding in the removal of excess mucus congestion and promoting a healthy metabolic absorption of nutrients.
  • A Spiritual awakener that supports a state of inner joy while calming the breath and improving mental clarity.By incorporating Tulsi into your daily routine, your body will be activated towards its natural balanced state.

By incorporating Tulsi into your daily routine, your body will be activated towards its natural balanced state.

Kava, originating from the South Pacific, is known for its ability to induce relaxation and alleviate symptoms of anxiety with its tranquilizing, robust roots. Originating from Fiji, Kava is used as a ceremonial drink during gatherings and rituals to promote relaxation, social bonding, and spiritual connection.

Kava is revered for:

  • Its active compounds, Kavalactones. These compounds interact with the brain's neurotransmitters to promote a sense of tranquility and well-being.
  • Its analgesic properties. These offer natural pain relief without the side effects associated with conventional medications. 

Traditional healers believed that kava facilitated communication with the spiritual realm and promoted mental clarity and tranquility.

The Practice 

By incorporating Lilikoi, Tulsi, and Kava into our daily wellness routine with this unique Sleep bundle, we may experience a range of health benefits. These may include improved quality of sleep, reduced anxiety, relief of pain, and enhanced energy levels. 

By supporting our body with these gentle yet potent herbs, we can help promote resilience, vitality, and long-term well-being.


Tranquility Tea



  • Supports regular sleep patterns
  • Stress relief
  • Nervousness
  • Digestive issues
  • Foggy brain


  • Loaded with alkaline minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Adaptogenic
  • Cooling and Calming
  • Vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, A, calcium, magnesium, potassium


    Lilikoi Flower Tincture


    • Lilikoi Flower
    • Organic Cane Sugar Alcohol


    • Allays nervousness
    • Anodyne for nerve pain
    • Soothes anxiety
    • Promotes healthy rest and positive thought patterns
    • Calms the mind
    • Reduces spasms.  


      Kava Serum



      • Massage
      • Muscle relaxation
      • Relieve stress
      • Release tension
      • Reduce pain


      • Analgesic
      • Anesthetic (local)
      • Antibacterial
      • Antidepressant
      • Antifungal
      • Antiseptic
      • Euphoric
      • Nervine
      • Relaxant
      • Aphrodisiac

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