Tea Lanai Menu

Herbal TEAs

A vibrantly colored, calming, nutritive, and naturally sweet blend.
An immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory blend offering respiratory and liver support.
An alkalizing, antioxidant-rich, summery, tonic tea of Kauai’s most abundant herbs.
A chai spiced tea for adrenal support, increased stamina, and elevated mood.
A gentle, enzymatic tea that supports detoxification at the cellular level.
A hypnotic tonic to relax, create healthy sleep patterns and bring peace of mind.
A silky blend of warming herbs that invites comfort and inherent health.
A sweet, tangy tropical blend; satisfying and replenishing served chilled.
A mind-clarifying, holistic tea supporting resilience to stress and harmony.
A minty blend that cools the system, decongests and calms the digestive tract.
An energizing, heart-healthy tea that regulates blood sugar for longevity.
A regenerative digestive aid that fortifies immunity and sustains all-around health.
A nourishing and delicate tea for balancing hormones; supports all stages of life.

superfoods & spices

A tasty, refreshing, stimulating, and cleansing herbal oral care supplement powder.
A versatile immunomodulator for healthy digestion, circulation and lifting one’s mood.
A potent, herbal supplement masquerading as a zesty and delicious culinary blend.
A spiced blend of of energetic, adaptogenic herbs that support stamina.
An activating, antioxidant herb blend rich in chlorophyll to elevate and oxygenate.
A protein-packed, iron-rich powder of nature’s most bio-available superfood.
A fiery, subtly-sweet, heart-healthy culinary zinger with the heat of a habanero.
A blend of Mediterranean culinary herbs, fortified by vibrant tropical superfoods.
A powerful circulatory, detoxifying, fortifying antioxidant that rouses radiance.

herb-infused honeys

A dynamic, enzymatic antibiotic with robust antioxidants and elevated nutrients.
A decadent blend of bitter and earthy spices suspended in sweet nectar.
A supreme, activated honey of exalted spice supporting ecstatic pleasure.
A bright, bold catalyst for metabolism and tension-relief with a lingering, radiant heat.
A medicinally-charged honey for circulation, immune-support and liver protection.


A tonic dose of energizing, stress-relieving, mood-lifting life support on a cellular level.
An invigorating, digestive aid for essential movement, blood flow and liver protection.


A cleansing elixir with antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-parasitic protection.

Topical treatments

A luxurious, daily, full-body treatment for radiant and healthy skin.
A regenerative powder, known as “knitbone”, for acute injury and to support self healing.
A soothing, regenerating, deep-penetrating, and alleviating spirit water for body aches.
A therapeutic salve for relief and the restoration of bones, muscles and ligaments.
A medicinally moisturizing balm ideal for wounds, scars, wrinkles and a glowing complexion.
A restorative, alchemical spirit water with profound soothing, phytochemicals.
A cooling, cleansing, refreshing and antiseptic spirit water.
A purifying, protective, revitalizing and balancing spirit water for respirative, holistic health.

herbal tinctures

A fortifying reproductive adaptogen for increasing stamina and balancing energy levels.
An antioxidant-rich, anti-aging herb that supports skin, eye and memory health.
An endocrine adaptogen that balances hormones and regulates cycles.
An antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal herb for immunity and first aid.
A warming digestive aid that increases circulation, ignites metabolism and soothes nausea.
A longevity herb that promotes cerebral health, cellular regeneration and structural integrity.
An electric ally for metabolism, cardio health, pain relief and immunity.
A soothing, cerebral-balancer; inducing calm and neurological equilibrium.
A soothing nervine that reduces anxiety and pain; promoting peaceful sleep patterns.
A tingling, immune-boosting herb that promotes oral health, circulation and digestion.
A nourishing tonic that supports the adrenals, cleanses toxins and clears the mind.
A rejuvenative liver tonic that detoxifies the blood and reduces inflammation.