Botanical Broth Blend

food as lifestyle plant medicineExquisite, rich, and nourishing; This blend of familiar and rare herbs grace the palate with ease. One's mind, body, and soul can be found dancing to the heights of the seldom experience of what is called the "Nutritive High." Bright notes of Lemongrass and Oregano are rounded out with a bold center of Katuk leaf, Mulberry leaf, and Sissoo Spinach that is rich, subtly nutty, and herbaceous to the pallet. Undertones of Bay leaf, Rosemary, Thyme, and Hawaiian Chili Pepper percolate to the center, lending excitement and a smile you'll see across all ages and palate demographics. From soup broths to marinades, rubs, seasoning, and dressings. The sky is the limit of its uses in your kitchen.


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Customer Reviews

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Just incredible...

I'm at a loss for words about how much I love this blend. The flavor imparts like the absolute best of the land in every way - I use it for so many things like to spruce up soup, in the water for quinoa and beans, in fresh vinaigrettes and dressings. <3 Hoping you make more to have back in stock soon! It's a staple for our family.

Fresh and versatile!

I adore this blend! The vibrant flavor and aromas brighten every dish. It has become my secret ingredient for so many different things- from soup to savory spiced nuts and wonderful croutons. It elevates beans and lentils; adding complexity and depth. A staple in my kitchen now!

Super yummy!

I love this stuff. The flavors are terrific - super fresh, uplifting, unique and just plain yummy. I’ve been drinking a cup of broth made from this everyday to supercharge my lunch - and many days it is my favorite part of the meal!

Victoria Frank
Beyond exquisite . A must have !

I have used this in so many ways since purchasing . I make a lot of soups that are broth based and this makes the most delicious soothing and energizing broth I have ever tasted!
It’s very versatile and when used
as a seasoning in rice it enhances the flavor and texture, as well as providing a beautiful color. Sprinkle on veggies etc and add to green smoothies for an added boost of flavor and calm energy.

I must compliment you on your recipe for mushroom seaweed soup. It was fabulous and will be on permanent rotation in our home! And my husband is not what you would call a huge fan of seaweed😁

With gratitude for all you do to enhance our health and well-being and for all the labor, patience and Aloha that is involved in the creation of all of your products.